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Aga Khan Scholarship for Postgraduate Students, Get 50% Grant and 50% Loan!

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Before registering for a scholarship, it is important for you to pay attention to the financing scheme including scholarship value, scholarship coverage, and many others regarding funds. It should be borne in mind that the scholarships provided are not only full-funded, but there are also some of them which are only deductions from tuition fees. For those of you who have capital, you should use personal capital but if there is a lack of funds, then you can search for part-time scholarships. One example is the funding program offered by the Aga Khan Foundation which is given through a program namely is the Aga Khan Scholarship.

Overview of the Aga Khan Scholarship

This scholarship is given to outstanding students coming from developing countries. With the funding provided, they are expected to have the opportunity to be able to complete the study smoothly without problems. Those who have problems with financial hardship are then expected to be helped by this scholarship. Or it could be specifically for those who want to increase their level of education to be more advanced in their career.

Different Scheme of Scholarship Value

The unique thing about this scholarship is in the scholarship financing scheme. Financing is given in full to students, but there are the rules later must be followed; from all funding, it’s given as a grant is 50%, while the other 50% is calculated as a loan. Because of the loan, of course you are required to pay. But don’t worry because the loan provided is completely without interest.

Who is eligible to get this scholarship?

This scholarship is limited to students who have proof of academic and professional skills. To find out who is eligible for this scholarship, you can see the explanation well below:

  1. Eligible country origin – This scholarship is given to students from the developing countries. Some of them, for example India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Syria, Madagascar and other.
  2. Eligible country of university chosen – This scholarship is only given to students who study in certain countries such as the USA, France, Canada, Portugal and other. While those who plan to study at universities in Sweden, Austria, UK, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, and Norway, are not acceptable.
  3. Recommendation from professor to continue their study from master to PhD

Financial Coverage

Then what is covered and not from this scholarship? Some of them are as follows:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Living Expense
  • Funding is given based on student needs
  • Funding is provided for the first two years, then student must find other alternative source
  • Payback period for the 50% loan is after five month study

Eligible criteria

  • Strong academic record
  • Proof of financial hardship
  • Relevance study
  • Accepted at certain reputable university

How to ApplyAga Khan Scholarship

To apply this scholarship, you are required to meet some criteria and follow some steps from start to the end. For more detail, you can read on the official site of Aga Khan Scholarship.

Deadline Aga Khan Scholarship

It must be remembered that sometimes there are differences in deadline dates from one country to another. There are even some differences in requirements too. But the general schedule is that registration has been opened or started in January each year.

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