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Belgium Government Scholarships: Free Study for International Students

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Are you come from Developing country? The The Belgium Government Scholarships Academie De Recherche et D’Enseignment Superieur (ARES) offers 4 until 6 months Training Internship and also full funded Masters Degree to develop your skill. There are 70 scholarships for internship and 150 scholarships for masters’ degree which were offered by ARES. Here you will be use English and French as the Medium of Language.

Academie De Recherche et D’Enseignment Superieur (ARES) invites applicant from all over the world to apply for the Belgium Scholarship 2019-2020. This scholarship and the selection progress are totally free. The quotas provided are only for 220 persons for Master’s Degree.  This duration of this scholarship is one year only.

Fields for Master’s degree

There is many available Fields for Masters Degree that you can apply. What is the course degrees offered? You can choose several degrees as mentioned below:

  • Master in development, environments, and societies
  • Science and environmental Management
  • Transport and logistics
  • Human rights
  • Aquatic resources management and aquaculture
  • Risk and disaster management
  • Transfusion medicine
  • Microfinance
  • Production and preservation of natural resources in urban areas
  • Integrated management of health risks in developing country
  • International and Development Economics
  • Public Health Methodology
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Methods Applied to Global Health

Financial Aid Support for The Belgium Government Scholarships

For those of you who are selected to be winners of this scholarship, then you will be able to get several funding sources along with certain amounts. ARES provides Financial Support for this scholarship in detail amount as follow:

  • Registration Fees
  • Insurance costs
  • Travel expenses for interuniversity training
  • International Travel Expenses– You can get free ticket for economy class maximum one round trip per academic year on an IATA company.
  • Didactic, installation and return costs – you also able to get 700 € which is awarded once per stay.
  • Subsistence allowance – You can get the fee 1150 € /month for 12 months.
  • Indirect mission expenses – You also can get 150 € awarded once per stay, usually it’s given when upon arrival of the fellow.

Eligibility Criteria

There are several criteria that must be known and fulfilled before deciding to register. To be able to get this scholarship, you must be fulfill the eligible criteria

  1. This is for applicant from developing country. The applicant also must stay and work in their country during the submission’s time.
  2. Having less than  40 years old for courses and less than 45 years old for internships
  3. Hold a certificate qualification degree in Belgian university
  4. Showing a professional occupation at least two years after the second cycle in the university. Besides, having three years after the applicant graduated from a postgraduate degree from the university in the developing country.

Deadline to apply for the Belgium Government Scholarships 2019 – 2020: 11th January 2019 and 8th February 2019

How to Apply

For those of you who are interested in registering, there are a number of things you must do and prepare. Let me be clearer, it will be highly recommended for you to just download the form. Download the application from given link below

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