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Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students, Apply Now!

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Chinese government  offers scholarship through Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).  This Chinese government scholarship is offered for international students in several universities which affiliated with CSC. The international students can apply to 274 Chinese university which affiliated with CSC. The applicant must fill the form in CSC Scholarship online application. The successful students will be announced until the end of July. The students can join to universities in the beginning of September.

Chinese Scholarship Council also offering Fully Funded Scholarship under CGS. This Scholarship program available to study bachelor degree programs, master degree programs, and doctoral degree programs in affiliated Chinese Universities. You can choose to apply anywhere according to what you really want and want. Make sure also that later you can get a choice that is really good and in accordance with what is expected. You can check one by one good university there before you register.

How to Apply Chinese Government Scholarship

There are a number of things that must be prepared and checked whether or not you are in accordance with it. Anything is actually a condition that must be prepared.

  1. Find suitable department and universities which affiliated with CGS.
  2. Make contact with the professor of the university and ask them to accept you as a student. If you doesn’t have acceptance letter from the professor, don’t worry. It is not compulsory for the scholarship it is a plus point to increase your chance.
  3. Fill the CSC Online Application Form. You can find the Online Registration Form as a student through Chinese Government Scholarship login.

CSC provide three scholarship categories:

There are a number of things that must be prepared and checked whether or not you are in accordance with it. Anything is actually a condition that must be done.

  1. CSC Scholarship Category A (if you apply through Embassy)
  2. CSC Scholarship Category B (if you apply via University)
  3. CSC Scholarship Category C (if you apply through another sources) (You must select CSC Scholarship Category B during filling the form as you are applying directly to Chinese University.)
  4. Must fulfill the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner form and attach the Medical Form.

You can apply to more than one University. Make sure that you fill separate CSC Sholarship online application form for each university. If you apply to more than one university, it will increase your chance to win the CSC sholarship. Eventhough you can apply to more than one universities, but CSC officials recommend to apply only in three universities.

When you apply this scholarship, you don’t need to attach IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities have language intruction Chinese only and it will be your opportunity to learn Chinese language. Don’t worry, some professor require you to write thesis in English.

The admission process and online application for CSC sholarship started from December to April every year.

Don’t forget to write your study plan or research proposal, it makes you have high chance of being selected for the CGS. You also have opportunity to won fully funded Chinese Scholarship if you complete the listed documentation and nicely written in your research proposal and study plan with clear thoughts before apply this Chinese government scholarship. .

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