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Clemson Scholarship from Michelin Annual Grants for Global Engagement

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The University of Clemson offers a scholarship for international student. This university has so many relations and co-working together with many industrial companies, one of them is Michelin. Michelin with Clemson scholarship annually gives a grant for students who learn at this college of engineering, computing and applied science. This scholarship is given in order to help and support students to improve their skills and abilities, especially in the field of engineering and science disciplines. For those of you who have studied at this campus or just intend to register, you should pay attention to these scholarship opportunities.

A glimpse of Clemson University

This is actually one of the best campuses in South Carolina. Lots of study programs offered, then also supported by facilities and teaching staffs that are very experienced and professional. This is evident from the absorption of alumni who are quite successful in many fields, one of them is technology.

An Overview of Michelin Annual Scholarship

Michelin is one company that is quite concentrated in providing educational assistance to students and even from many countries. They know that investment in education is a necessity to create a better and more advanced future especially in the field of technology. Therefore by collaborating with several campuses including Clemson, Michelin strives to support human resources to compete and develop in the future.


Who deserves this scholarship? There are a number of terms and conditions that are entitled to this Clemson scholarship. What are the eligibility criteria that you should be able to pay close attention to?

  1. Michelin facilitate students from worldwide to get this scholarship
  2. Must take degree programs in Engineering
  3. At least, completed two full-time semesters
  4. Must have more than one language proficiency
  5. Broader engagement experience
  6. Interest in global learning

How to Apply

The important thing to know and learn here is that you have to understand how to register it. Before you apply, there are at least some information about the stages of the play process and some other things that you can get. There are a number of things that you have to prepare well, some of which are:

  1. A letter of recommendation
  2. Proof that show you have broader engagement experience
  3. The most recent transcript


Then, there are actually some instructions that you can do. Maybe many of them don’t know how to apply. There are a few easy steps that you have to do, so consider some of them below:

  1. Read the eligibility criteria
  2. Prepare all the needs and required
  3. Fill the application form here
  4. Send the data copy to email: Mr. Matt Long (


The deadline of application for this scholarship is April 5, 2019.

Clemson scholarship is indeed a lot of many sources of funding as well as being given to various levels ranging from bachelor, master to PhD. But of all available offers, one that attracts attention and even is given annually is the Michelin annual scholarship for international programs

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