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Degrees with Tuition Free from University of the People Online

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Degrees with Tuition Free from University of the People Online – Good news. There is a revolution in world education that allows anyone to get degree from college/university without having to come to class. This is a disruption in the world of education which still occurs today. This is an advantage for students from various parts of the world to be able to study on world-famous campuses. There is even one online university that offers degrees with a free tuition fee. What is the name of the university? The name is University of the People Online.

Degrees with Tuition Free from University of the People Online

What is University of the People Online?

University of the People Online is an online university that collaborates with many official institutions to organize education online. All who become lecturers and managers of UoPeople are the world’s foremost volunteer academics. With this online campus, students are expected from many countries in the world to enjoy American degree online.

Level of Study

UoPeople offers a few level of study for bachelors, masters and associates. The duration of the study for all is varied, namely; 2 years for associates and masters, while bachelor is for 4 years.

Field of Study

Meanwhile for the field of study, there are several subjects that you can take and choose. Some of them are as stated below:

  • Bachelor degree programs: bachelor in health science, computer science and business administration.
  • Master degree programs: Master of Education (M.Ed.) and MBA program.

Partner Institutions

The UoPeople is actually collaborating with several famous campuses in the world. In addition to working with the best universities, they also collaborate with several other educational institutions. The universities and educational institutions offered include the following;

  • Yale ISP Law School
  • University of Edinburgh
  • New York University
  • University of California Berkeley

Degree with Tuition Free

Recently, there was collaboration between the University of the People (UoPeople) and the International Baccalaureate (IB). From the results of the collaboration, they have launched an online degree with tuition-free. However the program is limited only to field of study the Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Who is the scholarship for?

Then the question is who the scholarship is for? There are some people who are entitled to get the free tuition scholarship. It is targeted that scholarships can be enjoyed by more than 200 students from various parts of the world.

Scholarship Value

The students who were accepted, they will get a lot of value of scholarships that are useful to improve their skills in the field of study that they take. Some of the values that you can get are some of them:

  • Free tuition fee
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Peer to peer learning facilities
  • New model for higher education, etc.


Who can register and join UoPeople? Anyone can and especially students who have the ability to operate computers and the internet. In addition, the ability to speak English must also be fulfilled properly.

Degrees with Tuition Free Deadline

The deadline for registration is varied, namely 5 terms annually. For the nearest deadline, you can still able to apply before 28 February 2019.

Important Link

For more detail about the way to get degrees with tuition free from University of the People Online, you can read more detail at this link

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