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Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London (UCL) £9,000 per year

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Have a desire to be able to study at University College London? Yes, UCL is one of the best universities in London, UK. Many say that UCL is the London’s leading multidisciplinary university whose graduates are spread throughout the world. The campus which located in the city center of Great Britain has 11000 staffs and 35000 students. Many students from various parts of the world come to study on this campus. All of that is certainly not without reason, but there is a special reason, namely ‘the quality of education on this campus’.

Denys Holland Scholarship

It’s just that to be able to study there, you have to prepare a lot of money. Why? It’s due to it’s certainly not cheap to be able to study on that prestigious campus. But not always have to use money; there are various opportunities and chances for you to be able to study at no cost. One thing that can do is to find a scholarship. Where is the scholarship? One of them is from the Denys Holland Scholarship.

Overview of the Denys Holland Scholarship

Who is Denys Holland? Why is he giving a scholarship? Maybe there are many who do not know and do not understand about it so they are curious and look for the answer. Denys Holland is the name of a professor who is sociable and compassionate man. He used to have a very high concern for education, including providing assistance to students who had financial problems. Therefore to commemorate him, the campus offered a scholarship program named Denys Holland scholarship.

Who are the Scholarships for?

This scholarship is given to students from any country in the world. With this scholarship, it is expected that later it can provide certainty and confidence when studying at UCL. There are two things that must be ensured to get this scholarship, namely;

  1. Financial hardness
  2. show good academic achievement

Scholarship Value

The value of this scholarship is quite promising, which is around £9,000 per year. The scholarship is given for three years provided that students have good achievement. In other words, every year there will be a scholarship evaluation by the committee.

Requirements for Applicants

Before registering, you should really know and meet some special requirements, some of which are:

  1. Under 25 years old
  2. Have a Student ID Number of UCL
  3. As a full-time undergraduate student
  4. Contribute to activities on campus
  5. Have hardness in financial /financial need

Denys Holland Scholarship Deadline

These scholarships are usually offered or given every year. While for this year, the deadline is until Friday, 5 July 2019 at 5pm (UK time). Candidates who succeed and qualify for this scholarship will be announced on September 3, 2019. If you do not receive notify after that time, it means you are not successful.

How to Apply Denys Holland Scholarship?

To be able to register, you should read some eligible criteria above. In addition there are certain guidelines that you can refer to and read in more detail. Now to find out that, as well as to fill out the online submission form, you can visit the link below;


Those are the importation must know about Denys Holland scholarship at University College London (UCL). Let’s be ready to apply!

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