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Getting Sustainable Energy Development Studies of ESED Scholarships

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The Sustainable Energy Development Studies of ESED Scholarships is one of the prestigious grant offers for students from international to be able to study for free. The scholarship is funded by the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership which was founded in 1992 in the Rio Summit. This is a non-profit international organization that works in promoting sustainable energy development, especially in funding students to develop their skills and knowledge about it. The ESED scholarship program itself is an effort to encourage meaningful contributions to the world community.

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to apply for this scholarship, there are several terms and conditions that must be met. Getting sustainable energy development studies of ESED scholarships only possible is able to be applied if you are met in some eligibility criteria. To know what the criteria are meant, let’s check bellow:

  • Firstly, you have to get master’s-level studies in the same field.
  • You has also finished two or three semesters of your study.
  • Therefore, if you are in second year of study; you are welcomed to apply the scholarships.
  • Make sure that you are citizen of developing country listed by OECD and DAC.
  • You have a good commitment to develop your state with your ability of study.
  • You have a good achievement in your class with high social involvement.

Value Scholarship

You will get the scholarships per year about US$ 23,000 until two years. The value will help you more to stay and continue your study without worries. It will be the big chance for you to apply the scholarship.

Level and Subject of Study

Level of study that will be offered by the scholarship is Master’s Programmes, especially sustainable energy development. It is also eligible for you who get study of renewable energy and the power field. Of course, the scholarship is special for these programs because it wants to develop energy development, especially for states of developing. Sustainable energy development subjects such as:

  • Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • And many more

How To Apply

It is easy to apply the scholarship, you only need to visit the official website and apply online application based on your detailed and correct information. In outline, there are a number of things you can do including the following:

  1. Fill and prepare all the needs or requirements
  2. Create an account to get form
  3. Fill all the form of application
  4. Finish, then submit your application


Deadline of the scholarship is 8 March 2019. It is still long chance to prepare yourself before you apply the application. Don’t forget to complete the application with suitable required documents. If you certain to apply the scholarship, it is wise for you to apply as quickly as possible.

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After you have read the post, it is time to prepare and get permission to your parents in order to obtain the best dream by obtaining the scholarship. Let’s try to apply this The Sustainable Energy Development Studies of ESED Scholarships for reaching your dream to be able studying abroad.

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