Coca-Cola Foundation Women’s Leadership Scholarship

Global Women’s Leadership Program from CASS and Coca-Cola Foundation

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Now women have the same opportunity as men to continue their education to a higher level. There is no more discrimination for them in many ways both in business, education, government roles and others. Even now there are many institutions or foundations that encourage women to be highly qualified. This then resulted in many women having strategic roles in leadership. They also have influence in their leadership. Well for you women, you should look for opportunities to be highly educated and one of them you can apply the Coca-Cola Foundation Women’s Leadership Scholarship.

Coca-Cola Foundation Women’s Leadership Scholarship

Overview of Women’s Leadership Scholarship from Coca-Cola Foundation

Who doesn’t know about Coca-Cola? This is one of the largest beverage companies in the world whose products are sold in many countries. As one form of contribution to social, then the company formed a Coca-Cola foundation. The Foundation contributed a lot, including the Women’s Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship was awarded in collaboration with CASS business school city of London, UK.

Aim of Scholarship

This scholarship is given in order to develop the skills and abilities of women to become leaders in certain institutions in their place of origin. In learning, the women will be trained in skills and practices in how to coordinate in leadership development events. The activity will be held in several countries such as London, Beijing, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, and others.

Level and Subject of Study

It is well known that this scholarship is given for the master degree level. The subject of study offered by CASS Business School is the level of the Master of Business Administration (MBA). It’s special only for full-time student.

Eligible Criteria

To be accepted into this scholarship program, there are certain conditions that you must fulfill. What are the specific conditions in question? Some of them:

  1. Must be accepted as a student of MBA Cass
  2. must have already taken and have GMAT’s score
  3. Required to follow English language test
  4. Outstanding academic qualification
  5. References from professional or professor
  6. Three years full time professional experience

How to Apply

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to fulfill a number of conditions as mentioned above. Furthermore, you are also required to fulfill several application checklists that must be prepared properly and completely.

  1. Fulfill all the requirements
  2. Complete online application
  3. Write essay for application
  4. Write CV
  5. Proof of GMAT and English Proficiency
  6. Copy of university document
  7. Application fee
  8. 4 copy of VISA, etc.


Important Contacts and Links

To be clearer and more detailed about the scholarship, it is strongly recommended that you read more and more details in some of the information links and contacts below:



That’s the information as well as a good chance for you women to apply this Coca-Cola Foundation Women’s Leadership Scholarship.

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