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Reach Oxford Scholarship for Students from Low Income Country

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Reach Oxford Scholarship for Students from Low Income Country – Oxford is one of the best and first universities in the UK. Many people from all over the world have dreams or desire to be able to study there. Apart from the excellent quality of education, it also becomes a prestigious thing to learn there to mingle with many friends from many different backgrounds, including country, culture, religion and others. It’s just that to realize it is not an easy thing because it takes effort and effort including large funds. But there is good news for those of you due to there is a scholarship offer called Reach Oxford Scholarship that’s specially offered for student from developing country.

Oxford Scholarship for Students from Low Income Country

The scholarship was originally called the Oxford Student Scholarships, and then changed to Reach Oxford Student Scholarships. This scholarship is specifically given to students from ‘low-income’ countries. The assessment can be from several perspectives including the following:

  • Financial reasons
  • Political reasons
  • Facilities reasons, etc.

Eligible Country

The above has been explained that students from low income countries are the target. However, it still looks general; therefore specifically the country in question includes those that are part of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) from OECD.

Course level

This scholarship is specifically given to students from international to continue to the undergraduate level at Oxford.

Course subject

This scholarship is given for all subjects in the study program listing in Oxford, however medicine is the exception.

Duration of study

The scholarship will be adjusted based on the course length but generally students can complete the qualification for 3 or 4 years.

Scholarship Coverage

Then what is covered by this one scholarship? This is one of the scholarships that can be said to be ‘full funded’ because some of the students’ needs are covered, including:

  • Air fares
  • Course free
  • Living cost and more

Keep in mind that the recipient of this scholarship will be reviewed every year of its development. There will be annual report created, and it is expected that the scholar shows satisfactory academic progress.

Eligible criteria

Then please note that this scholarship is given to people who are not careless. Only a few students are eligible for the scholarship. Some of these students have the following criteria;

  • Have highest academic ability
  • Have Financial need
  • Have social commitment
  • Commit to come back their country for developing and transforming their skill
  • Prioritized for students who have never had an undergraduate study before

How to Apply Oxford Scholarship?

To be able to apply this scholarship, there are several processes and stages that must be passed by the registrant. But the most important process is that you have to submit submissions through the Undergraduate scholarship application form at the following link

Oxford Scholarship Deadline

While for separate registration deadlines, it usually occurs every year. For 2019, the registration deadline is on February 13, 2019. Then the selection process will be carried out which will be carried out in March 2019.

That’s all some information of Reach Oxford Scholarshipincluding about eligibility, term and condition, and more. For more detail, you can make sure for  visiting and then reading detail at this link:

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