Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship

Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship for Master and PhD in China (Fully and Partial Funded)

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Studying in China can be one of the amazing things; especially the quality of education there is no less good than in Europe. There are many famous and top universities that we can choose from, one of which is Shaanxi Normal University. Based on some sources and people, this is one of the best universities in China. Many students from various countries in the world come to be able to study there. Even for those of you who have outstanding academic or have limited fees, you can apply Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship. It certainly will be very helpful for you to be able to reduce the costs that have to be spent to complete education there.

An Overview of Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship

In China, you can actually apply for many available scholarship options; Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship is only one of them. This is one of the things offered by the university for international students. The level of students who are awarded this scholarship is for the master level or PhD, not for undergraduate.  This scholarship is offered in two categories namely partial or fully funded.

Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship

Who Are Eligible to Apply?

Before applying for this scholarship, it is important to know who deserves it. Of course there are several terms and conditions that must be considered first. Who are eligible to get this scholarship? This scholarship is given for supports for Master students or PhD students. There are several requirements that must be met in order to be eligible to get this scholarship, including:

  • Must be a non-Chinese citizen
  • Must be in good health;
  • Must be under 40 for master’s programs;
  • Must be under 45 for doctoral programs.

How to Apply Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship

To be able to register, there are several things that you must be able to fulfill first. There are also several processes that must be done as well as stages that must be followed. Some of them are as explained below:

1) Procedure

To be able to register, there are several procedures that must be followed including:

  1. Submit completed application forms Scholarship online and print a hard copy;
  2. Submit Complete the application at Shaanxi Normal University Online Application System
  3. Submit all of your hard copy documents by post before the deadline April 10, 2019.
  4. Follow the preliminary examination of materials, interviews and comprehensive assessment;
  5. The awardee will be announced online July-August 2019.

2) Document

Then, you are also required to prepare certain documents to be sent to the university address. All documents are duplicated. Here are some of these documents:

  1. Application Form written in Chinese or English;
  2. Proof highest diploma (photocopy);
  3. Academic transcripts (written in Chinese or English);
  4. Research results such as Published thesis, award certificates, etc.
  5. A Study Plan or Research Proposal of a minimum of 800 words for master applicants and 1500 words for PhD;
  6. Two Recommendation Letters
  7. Valid HSK certificate;
  8. Photocopy of Passport Photo Page;
  9. Proof of No Criminal Activity Certificate
  10. Foreigner Physical Examination

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That is the offer of the Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship that you can make as a destination to study abroad. Good luck.


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