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The Fully Funded of President’s PhD Scholarships at Imperial College London

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The Fully Funded of President’s PhD Scholarships at Imperial College London 2019 – For those of you who want to continue education level to a PhD degree, it is highly recommended to seek scholarships. If it is better to find a fully funded scholarship where all activities are financed starting from tuition fees, living expenses, insurance and so forth. This time I will recommend one of them, The President’s PhD Scholarships offered by Imperial College London, UK. This is one of the best scholarship offers for anyone who is willing to undertake a PhD program especially at the world class research institution.

Why Should Be Imperial College London?

There are many campuses in the world, then why is Imperial College London? Yes, this is one of the best universities in the UK that is a favorite educational destination for many students from many countries in the world. In addition, there are several other advantages that this university has including:

  • Central London location
  • High reputation and ranking
  • Research excellence
  • Global opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Supportive environment

Imperial College London scholarship

Value of President’s PhD Scholarships

Many of you may be curious and ask, how much value of scholarship is offered. The cost of scholarships offered is very large and promises even cover all costs incurred during education there. Here the detail of fees offered:

  • Full funding for tuition fees
  • Living costs = £ 21,200 per annum
  • Consumables fund = £ 2,000 per annum (3 years of study)

Who Are Eligible to Apply?

To be able to apply for this scholarship, it is highly recommended that you know and listen to several eligible criteria first. There are several criteria that must be fulfilled by applicants who want to apply. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. No restrictions on nationality
  2. Outstanding academic record / the highest achievers
  3. Just for new PhD application at Imperial College London
  4. Must contact a supervisor in certain academic department at Imperial College London based on research project will be held

The Selection Process

There are two stages passed for this scholarship application, namely meet the eligibility requirements and selection panel by promoter and Faculty Vice-Deans for Research. Meanwhile for assessment, there are a number of things that are assessed including:

  • Academic excellence
  • Research potential
  • Suitability of candidate

How to Apply

Furthermore, it is important for you to know about what should be done to apply for this scholarship. At least you have to know and understand about any application for this scholarship. Here the ways you can follow:

  1. Apply for PhD admission at Imperial through online admissions system
  2. Write 1000 words Personal Statement (explain research project)
  3. Fulfill all the scholarship requirement
  4. Submit your scholarship application


This scholarship is open throughout the academic year, so you can apply at any time. For Academic Year 2019, you can follow the schedule as follows:

  • Before 9 November 2018
  • Before 18 January 2019
  • Before 22 March 2019

Official Scholarship Website:

Such are some explanations about The President’s PhD Scholarships that you can know well and correctly. Please fulfill several terms and conditions, and then apply. This will be a great chance actually for you to be able studying in UK through one of best and reputable university namely imperial college London. Good luck…

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