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Here the List of Uppsala University Scholarships for International Students

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Looking for scholarships from certain university? Here, there’s a prestigious one from Sweden which offer Scholarships namely Uppsala University Scholarships. To be known, Uppsala University is one of the best and well-known universities in Sweden. Many students from various countries come to study there. Are you interested to study there? No need to worry about financial problem as Uppsala offers lots of scholarship for 2019. Here they are:

Uppsala University Scholarships

Uppsala University Scholarships IPK

The awardee will get the cost of tuition fee and this is for those who want to study for Master’s program.

Eligibility: those who are willing to apply should

  1. Be a non EU/EEA and Switzerland citizen
  2. Demonstrate academic talent
  3. Choose Uppsala as the 1st priority in application
  • Anders Wall Scholarship for studies at Uppsala

This is for

  1. Citizen of People’s Republic of China
  2. Show strong interest 8n academic field
  • The Scholarship of the Swedish chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Who’s Eligible?

  1. Those living in Hong Kong SAR China
  2. Show academic talent and strong interest
  3. Place Uppsala as the 1st choice in the application
  • The Scholarship of the Swedish-American chamber of Commerce in New York

Who are able to apply?

  1. US citizen
  2. Show academic talent and strong interest
  3. Place Uppsala as the 1st choice in the application
  4. You must meet the entrance requirements
  • Uppsala University Residence Club

The purpose of this scholarship is to support high-competent master’s student. Hence, the eligibility criteria are

a.    Non EU/EEA and Switzerland citizen

b.    Demonstrate academic talent

c.     You must meet the entrance requirements

  • The King Carl Gustaf Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students or citizen living in conflict areas or dangerous region.

  1. Some nationalities including: Central African Republic, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Nigeria, Palestine, India, Philippines, Egypt, Yemen, South Sudan, and Somalia.
  2. Must show credibility and the strong reason to get the education at Uppsala University
  3. Must have good academic competence
  4. On the application, choose Uppsala as the first priority

How to Apply Uppsala University Scholarships

Those are some scholarships you need to try, and each of which has their own requirement. So, how to apply for such scholarship? Fortunately, all the scholarships aforesaid has the same steps to apply.  You just need to go to the official website at link bellow:


You will submit some documents along with the application form. Hence, there will be no extra documents to be sent. Moreover, you should note application ID of yours into the application form once you get it from the website.

Deadline Uppsala University Scholarships

For the opening of registration and submission deadlines from the scholarship, it is sometimes different from one another. In addition, sometimes scholarships are given every year, and there are also those given every few years. Therefore for more details, you can refer to and check periodically at the site above.

This Uppsala University Scholarships offer will be very helpful for students who wish to study there either bachelor or master level. Happy hunting scholarship guys!

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