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World Bank Scholarships Program for Developing Countries

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The World Bank is one of the institutions that often provide scholarships to students throughout the world. There are also various scholarship programs offered and given. One of the latest scholarship programs offered is The Joint Japan / World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ / WBGSP) and Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP). These two sources provide funding to assist in development-related fields for students from developing country.

Funding is given to help students to get higher education while also developing the ability to compete in the developing world. The World Bank believes that in order to develop in the future, investment in education and developing human resources are needed so that they are more advanced to keep up with the times. The most emphasized is in economic development and shared prosperity. This is expected to be able to provide impacting future generations to be sensitive and able to transform the financial sector, especially in their countries of origin.

Japan Indonesia Presidential Scholarship Program (JIPS)

Overview: The first funding source is from Japan Indonesia Presidential Scholarship Program (JIPS). Funding has been provided since 1987 and until now there has been funded of 5,800 mid-career professionals and graduates in development-related degree masters fields from developing countries.

Value of scholarship: $10 million grant from the Government of Japan

Level of study: Master / graduate degree

Subjects of study: development-related degree

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Live in a country that is a member of world bank
  2. Do not have dual citizenship
  3. Have good health conditions
  4. Pass a bachelor degree 3 years before the application deadline
  5. Have work experience
  6. Have LOA proof

How to Apply

To apply, you are required to know the eligibility criteria above. Then see the list of campuses recommended or referenced by word bank to choose from. After that, you can apply to the campus.

Deadline: Scholarships will be opened on March 2019

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP)

Overview; this is another funding source for scholarships provided by Word Bank. This Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP) program has been around since 1982 and still exists today. The difference with Joint Japan; If JJ is for a master degree, RSMFP is given for a PhD.

Level of study: PhD

Subjects of study: development-related degree

Value of scholarship: $25,000 for 6–10 month periods

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a member of word bank country
  2. Be a PhD Student in a reputable university in developing countries
  3. be 35 years old or younger
  4. Have a thesis with the topic related to development studies

Deadline: Opening scholarship on March 2019

That’s the two types of scholarships offered by the World Bank Scholarships Program. You can choose either for the master degree or PhD level. Please read the terms well, and then prepare some things that must be attached when registering and submitting an application. If you have questions, you can contact more as follows



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